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Early Marriage Benefits and How People Should Change Trends to Make its Happening easy?

Posted on 28/Aug/2018

ProPakistan.pk Team.

Marriage is a sacred act of bond by which two people make their relationship public, official, and permanent. There are many advantages of marriage and getting married at an early age is helpful in a lot of ways. It is true that marriage is one of the most significant decisions of our lives. We should remain conscious of choosing the right partner at that early age to make married life happy and successful. If there are some drawbacks of early marriages then certainly it has its benefits also which we should not ignore. Let us discuss some benefits of early marriage:

Enough Time to Learn Things About New Life The great advantage to get married early is that the girls can find enough time to learn and practice different household chores. Their mothers-in-law should help in this regard to give her enough space to learn different households like food making and washing at her own ease. The girl should not be burdened to perform these duties of the household. In the same way, the boys can find sufficient time to make their career successful. They don’t feel any pressure for living at this early age because their fathers are already getting sufficient to run the families.

Having Many Chances to Become Successful Couples When a boy and a girl get married at the early age, they can have the chance to understand each other in a better way. They would have enough time to know the habits of each other’s and can develop a good relationship in this way. An immature mind is easily prone to flexibility and pliability. As someone becomes aged, the mind likely to become more adapted to inflexibility in the process of decision-making. In this way, couples have lesser possibilities to compromise on situations.

More Suitable Time to Become Parents When a couple gets married at an early age, they have enough time to understand each other and after that, they can start a family in a good and healthy environment. For girls, marriage in early age is more protected with regard to pregnancy. According to healthcare physicians, the ideal age for pregnancy in girls is 25. Marriage in old age sets the biological clock ticking and leaves more possibility for abnormal pregnancies and miscarriages.

In simple we can say that to get married early is beneficial in many ways because couples have enough time and feelings to love and care for each other to enjoy a wonderful relationship. What should people do to make early marriages trendy? We discuss how can we change trends to make early marriages happening easily.

To Make Marriages Affordable There are involved plenty of issues regarding marriages overall. With emerging trends, a marriage has now become a festival of waste and spendthrift of money. Arranging a wedding according to current trends is not an easy job for an ordinary family. To make marriages easy in early age, it is important to make marriage ceremonies simple which can be affordable for all sectors of society. However, these festive and extravagant marriage ceremonies are also a hazard to our culture and norms.

To Avoid Useless Traditions and Norms Marriages now a day become a waste of money and resource. We shamelessly ignore serious and more important concerns in marriages and following useless traditions which are a great hurdle in the way of getting married early. We should stop following these useless practices like caste system, status discrimination, and age differences in some ways. Marriages in older age only bring biological complications. Marriages in early age can save our generation from waywardness and adultery.

To Make New Generation Aware of This Fact We can bring about a change with a little extra effort by discarding useless social norms which are the main hurdle in the way of getting married early. These norms and practices are also not in accordance with our religion and ethics. We need to show a higher level of awareness in our generation that there are more advantages to getting married early than in older age. It is time for the new generation to change perceptions and take an initiative to make lifetime intimacy the priority, and not waste time and energy on extravagant ceremonies and norms.

ProPakistan.pk Team

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