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How Hackers Forge Sales Tax Returns for Massive Benefits!


Hackers are bypassing the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) sales tax system to modify sales tax returns of genuine taxpayers to claim fake sales/purchases to get tax credits/refunds worth billions.

The Federal Tax Ombudsman (FTO) has directed the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) to take action against hackers involved in falsifying sales tax returns of registered taxpayers to obtain benefits worth billions. Display sales/purchases.

FTO has issued instructions to FBR to take immediate action against such unscrupulous persons.

The complaint has been filed under the Federal Tax Ombudsman Ordinance 2000 (FTO Ordinance) against Member IR (Operations) FBR and Director Intelligence and Investigation (IR) Karachi, for alleged fraudulent purchases and sales. For not resolving the deletion issue. Appendices of Registered Person (RP) Sales Tax Return for September 2023 by some unscrupulous persons.

Briefly, the complainant is engaged in the business of paper and paper board products and is being taxed at RTO-1, Karachi. The complainant noticed that his login password had been changed. He was unable to retrieve the password as his mobile number and mail were also changed by the hackers.

The very next day, the complainant contacted the tax office in Karachi and the FBR official helped him update his mobile and email after which the password was retrieved.

When the complainant logged into his IRIS account after resetting the user ID and password, he found that his sales tax return for September 2023 had already been submitted with huge fraudulent purchases in the relevant annexures. And the sale was uploaded.

The complainant sought immediate action to delete the fraudulent purchases and sales from his sales tax return.

The complainant has also pointed out that due to this issue, he has not been able to file his sales tax return for the subsequent periods due to which his business has come to a standstill and caused difficulties to him. Allegedly, the department did not take any action on his request hence this is the complaint.

Both the parties were heard and the record perused. Senior Manager PRAL was also called for his input. During the hearing, the PRAL official stated that FBR/PRAL field officers cannot delete these attachments.

It was also said that since these attachments were uploaded for September 2023, hackers might have benefited from these fake claims, hence Member (IT), FBR as well as DG A detailed investigation is required in this matter. L&I, (IR).

It was pointed out that the Member (IT) could facilitate tracing the machine (computer) ID through which the alleged fake attachment was uploaded while DGL&I, (IR ) will conduct a detailed investigation of the matter to trace its entire chain. Uncovering the alleged fraud and the racket behind it.

FBR has directed the Member (IT) and DGL&I to thoroughly investigate the matter and expose the hackers/criminals behind this act and take immediate necessary action under law. do

Member IR (Operations) of FBR should resolve the complaint of the complainant in consultation with Member (IT) and DGL&I as soon as possible in accordance with law and rules, so that the business of the complainant can be restored. Come on, added FTO order

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