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OPPO’s Find X7 Ultra: A Game-Changer Against Xiaomi and Samsung


The OPPO Find X7 Ultra is a visually striking device with four 50MP cameras.

Xiaomi and Samsung use the Ultra moniker for their flagship phones, and OPPO is now entering the fray with its 2024 flagship. The Find X7 Ultra builds on the design of last year’s Find X6 Pro but introduces some bold changes as well as major camera upgrades across the board.

Let’s start with the design. The Find X7 Ultra has a massive camera housing at the back and is available in three different color options – Ocean Blue, Sepia Brown, and Tailored Black. The blue version in particular looks amazing, thanks to the two-tone design with the top half decorated in white.

The phone also has what might be the brightest screen of 2024, with the BOE panel going up to 4,500 nits in HDR content. You get the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage, and the same 5000mAh battery with 100W charging.

However, what really sets the Find X7 Ultra apart are the cameras.
You get four 50MP cameras on this thing, and the device is the first to feature Sony’s brand new LYT-900 1-inch imaging sensor designed for computational photography. This second-generation sensor is considered to have very low light reflection and has an effective 23mm focal length.

Switching to a wide-angle lens, you get a Sony LYT-600 imaging module with a 14mm focal length and autofocus, making it double as a macro shooter. But where things start to get interesting is the zoom lens. There are two periscope lenses on the device, a z 3x zoom lens that uses the Sony IMX890 and has a focal length of 65mm, and a 6x lensdevice employs a 135mm focal length and Sony’s IMX858 camera.

OPPO is introducing its HyperTone image engine with this device, which uses computational photography to deliver excellent highlights and shadows without losing any detail. You also get the best optical zoom of any device — up to at least 6x — and a new Hasselblad portrait mode that brings the Swedish imaging giant’s portrait mode to mobile devices.

The Pro Mode has been tweaked and is now called Hasselblad Master Mode, and in short, it’s a device capable of taking mind-blowing photos and videos. Just one problem — it doesn’t look like the Find X7 Ultra will make its way out of China. Oppo didn’t launch the Find X6 and X6 Pro outside of its home country last year, and as such, no global release is planned as of writing.

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