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Samsung Zero Bezel OLED Screen Requested by Apple


Samsung Zero Bezel OLED Screen Requested by Apple

Smartphones have evolved a lot over the years from having big bezels to holes to notches pretty much slowly but surely moving towards that dream Bezelless all-glass smartphone design last week. 

Bezel-less Apple iPhone
Image Credits: Ice Universe

Apple actually requested Samsung to make the next Gen Limitless complete all-glass smartphone display for their future iPhone and well this confirms that Samsung is actually making that dream a reality according to this leaked internal presentation screenshot revealed by one of the Twitter leakster. It reveals that Samsung display is actually working on a next-gen breakthrough display technology with zero bezels 3D lamination Edge brightness control which is something we have seen in so many smartphone Concepts on YouTube and of course, this would not be possible with the Next Generation under-display camera yes Samsung is not stopping with what they have done with the z45.  

Apparently, this next-gen under-pedal camera is about 50 better with higher transmittance as well as better optimized pixel structure for that light passage. 

The development for the underbuilt camera has been going on for years that eventually they will get to a point where the quality is going to get just as good as a traditional selfie camera and that’s when it’s going to be implemented on major Flagship smartphones including Samsungs themselves and of course that dream iPhone again this leak is coming from Samsung’s own internal presentation so pretty much it confirms that the dream Limitless iPhone display that Apple requested to Samsung a few weeks ago is actually now in the works along with Samsung LG has also been approached by Apple to make this Limitless display for the next-gen iPhone so it’s gonna happen but not anytime soon the expected release date for this next-gen technology could happen in 2025 or 2026. 

Once again Samsung is making Apple’s dream a reality let me know what you think about this in the comment section below.

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