Wednesday, September 27, 2023

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Gold prices in Pakistan frequently experience frequent fluctuations

Gold's unstable trend persisted in Pakistan on Friday as the value of the valuable metal declined following two consecutive rises. As per the information...

Riyadh Air a new national airline, launched by Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz has announced the creation of a new national airline called Riyadh Air, as per a...

Hajj Applications will be accepted from next week by Banks

Hajj Applications will be accepted from next week by Banks The dates for submitting applications for Hajj 2023 have been announced by the federal government....

How Pakistan can control financial crises – Pro Pakistan

Certainly, here's a possible way for how Pakistan can control financial crises Strategies for Pakistan to Control Financial Crises Financial crises can have significant negative impacts on...

There has been a significant drop in gold prices in Pakistan

Gold prices in Pakistan On Friday, the Pakistani market saw a significant decrease in gold prices as the Pakistan rupee strengthened against the US dollar...

Pakistani Rupee experienced an increase on 4th day against the US Dollar

During interbank trading on Friday, the Pakistani rupee (PKR) rose significantly against the US dollar, reaching a high of 261. At the end of the...

The tobacco industry has been impacted by taxes imposed by the IMF leading to a significant increase in cigarette prices by 250%

As a result of Pakistan's recent implementation of the Rs. 170 billion mini-budget, which increased the sales tax rate from 17% to 18% and...


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