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“Windows 10 RIP: Microsoft’s Bold Move Spells Disaster for Millions of Computers!”


Windows 10 Ending Your Support

Microsoft recently announced that it will end support for its Windows 10 operating system, a decision that will force many businesses with older computers to upgrade — and potentially will accelerate the difficulty of disposing of electronic waste.

The older operating system, which powers PC-format computers, was originally launched in 2015 and was replaced by Windows 11 in 2021. While Microsoft has said it will provide core support for its older OS for years, a new analysis says that could be a trigger. Destruction of e-waste.

Microsoft, which has a long-standing habit of trying to control how people use its products, has set some very strict PC requirements for Windows 11 compatibility. It won’t run on older 32-bit computers (but it’s unlikely you’ll have many), and more importantly, it requires a special “TPM” security chip on the motherboard. Is. Only newer machines have these. Take a look at that aging Dell laptop your CFO is using: It doesn’t look like it’s ready for a new, futuristic, AI. Will support the Charged operating system, it?

Canalys Research, a global technology request analysis establishment, lately examined how frequently businesses hang onto aged tech, and how Microsoft generally prices support for aged performances of its operating systems. ( Microsoft’s full support for Windows 10 will end in October 2025, and extended support will be available at an undisclosed price for another three times.) Canalys concluded that companies faced with Microsoft’s bills for supporting growing PCs may decide to leave their aged computers. This PC jilting could give an unforeseen swell of e-waste as much as a million pounds of dead tackle around the world. However,” Canalys said, If that were a pile of folded laptops all piled up it would be” a pile 600 km higher than the moon.

According to US estimates, e-waste is the fastest-growing waste, with 80 to 85 percent of it going to landfill sites, where dead circuitry releases toxic chemicals and metals into the soil. Apple, which has been responsible for putting billions of new bits of hardware into the hands of consumers over the years, is well aware of the problem, and has repeatedly tried to reduce its environmental footprint — though some critics of the company Disagree on the impact of efforts.

E-squander is the quickest developing waste stream in the U.S. Gauges recommend 80 to 85 percent of it finds its direction into landfill locales, where harmful synthetic compounds and metals spill into the dirt from dead hardware. Apple, answerable for placing billions of new pieces of equipment into shoppers’ hands throughout the long term, is very much in the know about the issue and has attempted commonly to lessen its environmental footprint–though some critics disagree on the impact of the company’s efforts.

Smaller companies will be a key factor in predicting a bigger takeover of older PCs: they may even outpace large multinationals with hardware upgrades, as smaller companies are less likely to have large IT support teams. A business decision is not too complicated. It’s either a huge, long-term bill to get an older set of computers past their end-of-life dates or a one-time capital outlay to allow a business to run the latest software.

While business leaders may fear PC replacement, some entrepreneurs see e-waste as a golden opportunity. and one of silver and copper. Some estimates suggest that about $344 million in gold, $46 million in silver, and $10 million in copper are thrown into the trash every year just by Americans disposing of their old smartphones. The e-waste recycling market is growing rapidly, with companies working hard to collect valuable materials from dead hardware. The sudden arrival of a million-pound Windows 10 PC could have a dramatic impact on this particular market.

So, small companies anticipating PC replacement woes can take note of one aspect of Microsoft’s Windows 10 decision: There are plenty of other small operators to help dispose of the newly created e-waste.

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