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GTA Maker Reveals Rockstar’s Next Move into the Medieval Era!


Rockstar Games is supposed to be dealing with another game title that will have a middle age setting. The game, which is suspected to be internally called Project Ethos, is “currently in the pipeline” but nowhere near ready. So players shouldn’t expect to see anything about the game anytime soon.

According to the rumor, Rockstar is not looking to launch the medieval game title until after Grand Theft Auto VI. Take this with a grain of salt though as there is no real confirmation of any kind that points to an open-world medieval game. Everything so far is based on rumors and speculation. The rumor about the medieval-set game seems to have started with a post on Reddit a few years ago.

In the post, the user stated that the information was coming from a source that was correct about the story details of DLC for Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA Online. However, the post also mentions that Rockstar’s next game won’t be Billy 2 or GTA VI. Instead, it will be this new open-world medieval game. With the studio opening in late 2021. It is impossible to tell whether any of this information is correct. What is clear, is that Rockstar would have stopped this upcoming title at some point if it was ever in development. Fast forward to more recent rumors and it looks like the game is popping up once again.

Rockstar Games’ Medieval title might be on the way

As noted by Game Vro and Gizmochina, it looks like Rockstar recently filed for some trademarks that “maybe” for this new medieval IP. Budzz0 on X (via PC Focus ) has published screenshots showing a take on interactive applications trademarked to ‘Project Ethos’, which some are speculating to be the internal name of the new IP. can Buddz0 says it’s also possible that Project Ethos could be the internal name of another IP called ‘Agent’.

Rockstar filed for these trademarks in October this year. Which could mean it’s ready to move forward with development. Agent is said to be released for the next generation of consoles. Which means it’s a few years out. A medieval title, meanwhile, could be in development over the next few years. According to Budzz0 Rockstar has been working on it for some time. Development is said to have started after the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 in 2018.

It remains to be seen if it will be a fantasy setting similar to a title like Alden Ring, but knowing Rockstar, it will probably stick to its reality similar to the universe.

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